In 2020, Windex® has plans to recycle 1400 metric tons of ocean bound plastic for our new line of Windex® bottles, helping stop more plastic from reaching our seas.

Meet our Windex® Vinegar Bottle Made from 100% Ocean Plastic

Today, plastic waste is polluting our sparkling seas and shores. That’s why Windex® is working to stem the tide of marine bound plastic pollution before it reaches oceans.

From March 2019, our Windex® Vinegar trigger bottle will come in a bottle made from 100% ocean plastic. It’s made from plastic waste collected within 30 miles of an ocean or waterways leading to the sea in countries that lack effective, formal, community-based waste collection – plastic that was at risk of ending up in the ocean.

Windex® Vinegar ocean plastic bottle is joining our continued sustainability efforts alongside the rest of our trigger bottles already made from 100% recycled plastic. Coming soon we’ll also have Windex® Vinegar 100% ocean plastic refill bottles and 100% recycled plastic bottles across the rest of our refills.

We know that one Windex® Vinegar bottle can’t clean the ocean, but we believe a small step we take today can lead to a more sustainable tomorrow.


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Windex® Efforts to Reduce Plastic Waste


At Windex®, we’re taking small steps to reduce our plastic footprint. That’s why all of our trigger bottles are made with 100% recycled plastic.


We offer refills for Windex® Original, Windex® Vinegar, and Windex® Disinfectant Cleaner Multi-surface, so you can reuse your Windex® bottle and help keep our bottles out of landfills.


Our Windex® Vinegar trigger bottle is made from 100% ocean plastic to help stem the tide of ocean plastic pollution.

Windex® Vinegar Glass Cleaner

Use Windex® Vinegar for a streak-free shine without the smell of ammonia.

Safe to use on all glass surfaces.


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