Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit

Get a streak-free shine in half the time. Discover a faster, easier way to remove tough dirt and grime on outdoor windows.

Use to clean:


For a streak-free shine in half the time, simply spray, wipe, rinse and let dry. Say goodbye to hand-drying and hello to sparkle with the special Windex® Sheeting Action Formula that prevents streaks and spotting. Each water-activated cleaning pad contains enough Windex® cleaner to tackle up to 20 windows. Refill pads are also available. The sturdy, easy-to-use handle reaches up to 11 ft. so you can clean second-story windows without the hassle of using a ladder.

To assemble:

Step 1: Open starter kit, which includes one cleaning head, one handle, four 1-ft. (30-cm) pole sections and one cleaning pad.

Step 2: Insert and twist pole sections and handle together.

Step 3: Attach Windex® cleaning pad.

To use:

Step 1: SPRAY window and cleaning pad with garden hose.

Step 2: WIPE window with cleaning pad.

Step 3: RINSE window with garden hose. No need to hand-dry.

Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

How is the Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit different from Windex® Outdoor Sprayer?

The Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit includes a pole and cleaning pad that allows you to wipe the windows clean and remove stubborn dirt. It’s specifically designed for use on windows and other outdoor glass surfaces. The Windex® Outdoor Sprayer can be used as a spray-and-rinse cleaner on a variety of surfaces such as plastic and vinyl.

How can I be sure the cleaning pad is activated?

For best results, apply product in several back-and-forth strokes to release sufficient quantities of the Windex® Sheeting Action Formula. When the cleaning formula is being released when you visibly notice the pad releasing a 'sudsy formula' onto the window.

How can I prevent streaks?

If streaks occur on the first 1-2 windows, simply rewet the window and repeat the cleaning process. If streaks occur after using in hot temperatures or with direct sunlight, repeat the process when the window is not under direct sunlight. A hot surface may disrupt the drying process. Remember to rinse the window thoroughly after wiping, starting at the top and ending at the bottom for best results.

Can I get rid of streaks if I’ve already thrown out the cleaning pad?

An additional rinse may help remove streaks, even without using the cleaning pad again. Remember to rinse from top to bottom.

Does water quality affect results?

If Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit is used with extremely hard water (>350 ppm calculated as Calcium ion) streak-free performance is likely to be diminished.

How many windows will each cleaning pad clean?

Each cleaning pad has enough cleaner to clean 20 standard windows. (A standard window is defined as 30" x 40".)

Are the cleaning pads recyclable?

The Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit’s pole and cleaning head is designed to be re-used year after year. The cleaning pad is not recyclable and should be disposed of after each cleaning session.

Can you use the Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit on car windows?

This tool is not recommended for automobiles. Windex® Ammonia-Free Glass Cleaner is a safe and effective way to get car windows sparkling.

Can you use the Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit on indoor windows?

For best results, clean indoor windows with Windex® Original Glass Cleaner.

Will Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit work on my window screens?

We recommend removing or raising screens before cleaning windows.

Will Windex® Outdoor All-in-One Starter Kit cleaner damage plants?

Avoid dripping cleaning solution onto plants and if accidental contact is made, rinse the plants with water.

How often do I have to clean my windows with this, and do I have to use it more frequently depending on the weather?

To keep outdoor windows looking great, cleaning should be performed at least two times per year. Late spring and late fall are excellent times.

Streak-Free Or It's Free

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