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How to Clean Your Electronics

You look at your phone, laptop, computer, tablet or television screens approximately 7,593,802 times a day. Might as well give yourself a sparkling view! For the best way to clean your screens and electronic devices, follow these quick and easy steps.


1. Turn off your device.

Unplug it. Power down. Relax, knowing that this quick and painless process will allow you to reconnect in mere seconds.

2. Remove the case.

If you are cleaning a phone or tablet with a protective case, take it off for the best clean. Don’t let a single fingerprint survive.

3. Gently wipe the screen and device.

Use a Windex® Electronics Wipe to remove fingerprints, grime and other unsavory smudges from the screen, keyboard and plastic casing.

4. Let dry.

For a streak-free portal to the digital universe, don’t use paper towels, tissues, shirt sleeves or old sandwich wrappers to dry the screen or device.

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