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The Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist

Even the great outdoors can sparkle more! Get ready for chilling and grilling in no time with this easy checklist plus helpful tips for cleaning your patio, windows, garden, garage and more.

Spring Cleaning Patio Furniture Sliding Glass Door


Give the often-forgotten side of your windows a sparkle. Windex® Outdoor Sprayer gets rid of dirt and grime without wiping, so you can give even second-story windows a streak-free shine without a ladder. Just attach the outdoor window cleaner to a hose, rinse, spray product, rinse again and let dry. If you have storm windows, remove, wash and store those, too. Rinse screens to remove dust before putting them in.

Outdoor Furniture

Clean outdoor furniture, umbrellas and awnings. It’s quick and easy to make your set sparkle with a Windex® Outdoor Sprayer. It can be used as an outdoor furniture cleaner on plastic and glass items like glass patio tables and outdoor playsets for kids.



Do it on a sunny day so items can air dry quickly.



Wash porch ceilings, floors, and walls.



Attach a dryer sheet to the end of a broom to get cobwebs.


Bricks and Flagstones

Replace any broken bricks or flagstones on your home. Depending on how extensive your repairs are, you may want to hire a professional. Ask at your local home and garden store about renting specialized equipment.


Clean gutters and downspouts. While you’re up there, look for holes and damage. Scoop debris out by (gloved) hand, use a handheld leaf blower, or wet and dry vac.


Clean out the garage, dispose of unwanted items and organize “keepers.” Service and store snow blowers and winter sports equipment. Sweep and wash garage floor.

Sprinklers and Lighting

Green grass and twinkling lights can really lighten and brighten your space. Check outdoor lighting and the sprinkler system for repair. Make outdoor fixtures sparkle with Windex® Original Wipes.



Most home improvement stores now sell a variety of energy-efficient, solar-powered outdoor lighting. Check it out and see if it’s right for you.



Trim and remove dead tree limbs. While you can remove dead branches that have fallen to the ground, let a professional remove branches on the tree. They can see damage you might not notice.

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